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The Boatman

This story was born in one of the rare creative writing sessions I enjoyed in Year 10 English. It's inspired by "Don't Pay The Ferryman" by Chris de Burgh. I found his music rather inspirational for a while, simply because he writes stories set to music, and it's fun to read between the lines of the lyrics, and flesh out the characters there.

The Crossed Threads Inn.

This is my own take on that popular fiction and fanfiction meme, the meeting place where various characters from different canon continua meet up. I decided to focus in on the staff of such a place, rather than the clientele.

The Hangover as Philosophical Exploration.

My sense of humour tends toward the quirky at times.

Lonely Sky

Another story inspired by a song by Chris de Burgh.

Descriptive Passages

I can't paint. I wish I could, sometimes. But since my hands won't agree to paint the pictures, I have to write out the thousand words instead. Think of these pieces as me trying to catch moments.

Western Australian winter morning, Suburban Perth.

From an Art Gallery Bench

Barrack Street, Perth

Day and Night

Forest Edge campground/convention facility, Waroona, Western Australia, 1989.

Cannington Train Station

Reflections on a Treadmill/Exercise Bikes at Dawn


Metafiction is effectively fiction about fiction. I was introduced to metafiction as a way of performing a critical appraisal of a story through the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, and the Official Fanfiction University of Middle Earth.

Protectors of the Plot Continuum:

As part of the whole PPC phenomenon, I decided to create another department - the Despatch section. Despatch dealt with cases where the canon characters had been taken from their home canon, and placed into a completely different world (either Modern Earth, or any other fictional canon).

Story 1 - "Sleepover" by A Girl Called Bob.

After "Sleepover", I acquired a co-writer.

Story 2 - "Teddy Bear"