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Esperance Beach Sunset, 12 January 1989

The sun is setting. Delicate peach tones seem to rise into the sky, as if they were drawing the colour from the land. From far off in the distance a bank of cloud is moving up toward the shore. It is tinted a sort of brilliant pink, flowing to lavender as the sun sinks lower. The tide seems to be coming in.

Out in the harbour, yachts rock sleepily. There are no ships in at the wharf, and the little jetty at the end is crammed with people sitting patiently waiting to catch the elusive herring. Around the wharf, seagulls wheel lazily, possibly hoping for fish heads.

The pink and lavender tones have spread further up the sky. The lighthouse at the end of the breakwater is on, blinking out it's bright red radiance. A fairly strong breeze is blowing, and far off in the distance, the lights of Castletown and Bandy Creek can be seen. All the clouds are lavender now, except for one large bank which is still tinged with brilliant pink around the very top edges.

It's the last sunset that I'll see from here for a while, and I want to treasure this memory for as long as I can.

Esperance is a rather special place for me - my grandparents lived there, quite close to the harbour. Every summer, when I was a child, we'd go down there for a couple of weeks holiday. The place holds quite a few happy memories for me. Maybe one day I'll take a group of people and show them why.

This work is copyright Meg Thornton 1989 - 2005. All rights reserved.

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