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Dear Friend,
Am a senior Legal Consultant my name is Richard Green,I have been in practice as a Solicitor for 26 years until 1999.I also sat part time as a Deputy District Judge in County Courts hearing civil cases including small Arbitration claims and Ancillary Financial Relief applications on divorce. I was the senior partner for 5 years of a respected large South Coast Legal Practice where I practised for over 26 years and developed wide experience in general legal work and management.

Since 1996 I have been a Legal Consultant helping individuals,companies and charities.I do not hold myself out now as a solicitor nor do I practise as such but cares about people and their needs.

currently the firm is holding a large sum of funds in trust for one of our client for which we are seeking for reputable organisations,coporate bodies or individuals who can be able to take advantage of this golden opportunity to obtain the funds and turn it around in  profitable venture

Note that This Service is professional, and one that is personal, friendly and courteous, and that aims to be a helping hand for legal guidance.Home visits are possible including weekend and evening consultations and the Service can also be used via our

Email address;
Fax in extrem cases:
. You are assured that the confidentiality and privacy of all your affairs will be entirely respected.

Looking forward to your prompt response,
Yours faithfully
Richard D Green

Solicitor & Advocate
Legal Hand Consultancy Service
St Marys,Vicarage Road,
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1BL

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