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We hope you are reading this message in a fine mood.

I'd like to welcome you on a very interesting opportunity.
We supppose you will be very interested in a home job in which you
could get about AUD4000 per month.

This job will not affect your present career, it will only take a small
part of your free time. The only things you will need to have to start
running your business with our company are reliable Internet/E-mail
access and checking/savings bank account. And your decency, of course!

Your part of the job is to receive the funds which we will send directly
to you through one of our money transfer methods from our company and/or
our partners. After that you should re-send the money (less your commission)
to us/our customers via one of chosen money transfer agencies. The job is
rather simple and you won't need any special knowledge to become our partner!
You will also stand the chances of being a part of our future and the
excellence of a team in which you will be highly respected - just think about
this amazing opportunity! We will be hoping to hear from you soon.

Please fill our application form. No fees are asked, just leave your
contact details:

We will contact you soon. Thank you!

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