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Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title:Mary Mordor Sue Writes...
Rating: Australian PG - mention of torture.
Disclaimer:The world of Middle Earth and the characters from "The Lord of the Rings" are property of the Tolkien estate. The only character I claim for my own is Mary Mordor Sue herself. No money solicited for or made from this work of fanfiction.

In the darkness I wait for you.
You don't know I'm there.
You don't know how far I came to find you.
You don't know how far I've travelled since.

I know you, though.
I've seen you in my dreams
And I don't know whether I want to see you again or not.

You're so innocent of what can be done
Of the corruption that can lurk inside a heart
I suppose that's why I want you:
To see whether I can show you this truth
To see whether I can force you to join me in the pit
To see whether I can drag you down to where I am.

It's His hands on me that I need
It's His touch that I crave
But it's your life that I want in my own hands

Come to me, beloved.
Let me break you to my desires
Let me teach you the painful joy of absolute surrender
Let me show you the glory of degradation.

I sought your body and lost my mind.
I'll take yours in exchange.

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