Non-Fiction by Meg Thornton

A lot of this is stuff I've written for the heck of it. It's consolidations of my own working notes, provided here for other people to look over and comment on. There's also rants and raves, and a few other bits and pieces.

LOTR Notes

Reflections on the nature of the relationship between Boromir and Faramir.


Meg's Spelling and Grammar Rant Pages

This was something which came out of far too many poorly spelled and punctuated LOTR fanfics. Eventually, I gave up trying to rewrite basic lessons for English, and just quit reading anything which didn't appeal.

Meg on Ratings

My views on the rating of fanfiction. It's probably a good thing to read prior to reading anything of mine.

Decoding the Ministerial Line

2006 - 2007 Budget Letter
Minister Hockey's Statement of Intentions

Both of these are somewhat satirical translations of ministerial writings into plain English. The minister in question is Joe Hockey, the minister in charge of the Australian Department of Human Services (a sort of umbrella department composed of a number of formerly semi-autonomous agencies clustered together). I have a strong dislike of the sort of ministerial drivel which takes ten syllables to say what could easily be said in two. I also have some rather strong ideological objections to the behaviours of the Howard government in general, which tends to regard all Australian Government Departments as extended publicity machines for the Liberal party. I don't intend for these to be taken too seriously... I can't say the same for Minister Hockey's position on the originals.

New Vocabulary

I decided to deal with the problem of poor spelling in the most straightforward way: I've taken a lot of new words which were created by typos, misspellings, and the occasional mispronunciation, and given them definitions. Who knows - maybe one or two will enter the language.