bussiness (adj)

1. To arrive ten minutes or more late.
2. To arrive in the company of two or more other persons.
3. To combine both of these qualities.

(received from nath_herself on LJ)

desinge (v)

1. To remove scorch marks

(Back-formation from "redesinged", a typo by Tim K)

excialted (adj)

1.Awe-struck excitement and exaltation
2.No longer raised to the level of worship

(Typo found within a work request. The word was supposed to be “escalated”)

flustrated (adj)

1. Flustered and frustrated

(found by princess_kessie on metaquotes)

informatino (n)

1. Faux latin jargon used to disguise lack of content in documentation.

(from a typo by Will R)

intranest (adj)

1.Descriptive of the breeding place of spiders.

(Back-formation from intranesting, a coinage by Andrew E, age 5)

irregardless (n)

1. (agricultural) A field fertilised with horse manure

from the German "uregarten" - a field fertilised with horse shit

(found by princess_kessie on metaquotes)

maetadata (n)

1.Confused information regarding a particular subject.

From the Dutch 'maalen' (grind, whirl) via 'maelstrom'.

(from a typo of 'metadata' by Tim K)

mneomonic (n)

1.A way of remembering who The One is.

(from a typo by Jimmy H)

ongiong (adj)

1.Fangirl Japanese.
2.The facial expression assumed by a native Japanese speaker when faced with an example of fangirl Japanese.

(from a typo found in a job description.)

plaice (v)

1. To drop like a wet fish.

(from a typo by myself)

ratlink (n)

1.A device for holding rodents together.

(from a typo found in a work log)

site (p)neumonic (adj)

1. A locus of pulmonary tissue which is infected.

(from a typo by Pat P – the actual phrase is “site mnemonic”)

sunami (n)

1. A wave of litigation triggered by a natural disaster.
2. A tidal wave of number puzzles.

(from a typo by Pat P; definition 2 supplied by megamole)

vapmire (n)

1.A clan-forming marsh-dwelling vapour, along the lines of a will-o-the-wisp.

(from a typo in a story summary, concerning the head of a “powerful vapmire clan”)