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Fandom:King Arthur
Title: Ygraine
Rating:Australian G
Disclaimer: In so far as the characters are part of the shared Western cultural heritage, it is impossible to own them. However, the context for this story is that of the movie "King Arthur".


Uther had been a strong man, a powerful man. Possibly the only man to be able to hold her heart. For him, she had walked away from Gorlase. For him, she had cut her ties with her family. For him, she had tried to turn herself into a good Roman wife. And for a while there, she had thought herself successful. The man she loved, the child she bore, the home she made for them. All of these were her triumphs.

Then it all came shattering down. First Uther's death in battle, slain by an arrow through the shoulder. The wound had festered, and he had died in agony, delerious, crying out in his own strange language. Then the discovery that the Romans didn't care what happened to the wives of their Samartian auxilliaries. She was left to fend for herself, care for her child. If it hadn't been for Uther's happy talent for making friends, she would have found herself forced to whore herself out. As it was, she was able to subsist for a while by selling bits and pieces of his armour, serving the wife of the commandant. It was a lowly job for one who knew herself to be of a high family, but for her son, for Arthur, she would do anything.

The raid was the last thing. And as she looked into the eyes of the man who still thought himself her brother-by-marriage, she knew she was dead. She died with Merlin's name on her lips.

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