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For Guede Mazaka.

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Era: Post-Ringwar, in one of the “Boromir Lives” Alternative Universes.
Pairing: Arwen/Boromir/Aragorn (implied)
Rating: PG – PG-13
Word Count: 100.
Disclaimer: The characters and situations of the Lord of the Rings are property of the Tolkien Estate, and are being used without permission. No money is being made from or solicted for this work of fan fiction.
Notes: In exchange for a drabble from Guede, I offered to write one. She asked for the pairing above, and specified a long-term relationship. So, here 'tis.
A troika is a special type of sled, designed to be pulled by three dogs – tends to get used in Russian winters. It's also the name of a piece by Prokofiev, which starts with a lovely bit of near-discord, the memory of which inspired the title.


It had taken a while to work out.

Not the acts themselves, although this required communication. Not the bedchamber arrangements. Not even the political roles, the negotiation of which had been the work of several months.

What had taken time was how they would live. The way relationships altered when servants were dismissed.

Who would guess the insatiable appetite of the Queen decreed the frequency of lovemaking? Who would guess the subject of most arguments between King and Queen was the Steward's time? Who would guess the King shed crown and control, yielding to the Queen and Steward?


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