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Author's notes: Mary Mordor Sue.

This story started out as a plotbunny in the Henneth-Annūn Story Archive "Nuzgūl Hutch". Here's the exact text:

Modern girl goes to Middle-earth...

...and takes up with Sauron! What would be the consequences of introducing gunpowder, artillery, modern military
tactics, etc. - all on the side of evil? Points for introspection - don't just make her an ostracised [expletive]
who wants revenge on the pretty people who ignore her, give her a valid reason for joining the dark side. Double
points for tackling and/or overcoming the language barrier (contrary to popular belief, English was NOT spoken in

Well, I adopted the little darling, and this is the story which came out. All within about 24 - 48 hours, which rather frightened me. I don't know whether this is so much a story, as a dramatic monologue.

Various homages I'd like to pay:

  1. The writer and director of "Fight Club", for the notion of the killer plot twist that changes the whole story when you know it.
  2. Weddings Parties Anything, for their song "A Tale They Won't Believe", which I quote in the story.
  3. Tolkien, for giving Middle Earth its form and shape. Sorry about the horrible things I did to the characters, sir.
  4. Aerlinnel, for lodging this particular nuzgūl up on HASA in the first place.
  5. Oscar Wilde, for his play "Salome", which gave me a certain amount of inspiration for the character.

Thanks for reading.

Meg Thornton (7 September 2002)

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