Meg's List o' Links.

Okay, I've been on the web for a while now. So I've accumulated a lot of bookmarks over the years. This is where I'm going to be putting them so I'm able to share them with others. There will be some vague sorting by category, but don't expect too much by way of coherence. Yes, I do tend to accumulate links to all sorts of things - they're even more chaotic in real life, trust me.

Blogs Fanfiction Games and Fun Good Deeds 2007 Musical Moments Womens Underwear
Various Commercial It's a Giggle Various The Pinch of Salt Feminism & Women's Issues Writing and Writers
Government Sites          

Some little warnings and notes:

Flash The site requires Adobe Flash to work Java The site requires Javascript to be enabled Image Heavy This site is image-heavy, and may take some time to load Adult Content This site contains Adult content.
Australian content This site is Australian      


I'm a text junkie. I'll read anything going. So I read blogs. Here's a few I like - some others can be found on my LiveJournal friends page

A Photon In The Darkness Making Light Respectful Insolence (RSS) Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed) (RSS)
The Panda's Thumb (RSS) Pharyngula (RSS) Pandagon (RSS) Bitch PhD (RSS)
Dispatches from the Culture Wars (RSS) Autism Diva POD-dy Mouth Unintelligent Design
The Second Sight Aussie Rockstar's Ramblings Bad Baby Names Confessions of a Quackbuster
Orcinus Filling a Much-Needed Void (RSS) Official Blog (RSS) ahistoricality (RSS)
Language Log (RSS) Neurophile (RSS) The Delian's Commonwealth (RSS) Definition - A Feminist Weblog
Fandom Wank Lives Folk Alley Javascript required Nee Naw Creek Running North
corrente Holocaust Controversies Acephalous Neonbubble
ChemJerk Fabulist (RSS) Moment of Science (RSS) Pubrants
A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down Websnark WetMachine Hitherby Dragons
The Hathor Legacy The Open Rights Group Pam's House Blend  

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, I'll put in a space for Blog Carnivals (because those are cool, fun and heaps of interesting)

Circular Reasoning: The Skeptic's Circle Archive and Schedule The Big Fat Carnival The Carnival of Feminists  

Close Enough For Government Work Aussie

State, Federal and Local government sites from various areas in Australia

The Australian Public Service Gazette Australia Post Bureau of Meteorology  

Did Somebody Say Bang?

Information about all kinds of things which cause explosions, both literal and metaphorical. (The quote is from Crazy Harry in the Muppet Show).

Cannons and Gunpowder Fireworks Guidelines for Safe Gun Cleaning  

Fanfiction Adult Content

I write fanfic, I read fanfic. It's fun, it's free, and it's something that interests me. So here's some fansites I read. Please note that rather than wearing myself out putting the "adult" warning on each individual story, it's on the whole darn section. You have been warned.

Hermit.Org (Blake's 7) The Aquitar Files (Blake's 7) Liberated (Blake's 7) Cultural Infidelities (POTC)
Bang and Blame (Blake's 7) Hammer to Fall (Blake's 7) Blake's 7 Holiday Fan Fiction The Hand of Friendship (Blake's 7)
A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (Dr Who) Better With Two (Dr Who, New series) Wellinghall (LOTR, Harry Potter, POTC) Henneth Annun (LOTR)
Blake's 7 Fan Fiction Resources    

In addition, here are some links to individual stories.

Lust over Pendle (Harry Potter) Dissipation and Despair (Harry Potter) The Officical Fanfiction University of Middle Earth (LOTR) The Hand of Friendship (Blake's 7)
Higher Education (The Breakfast Club) What's Expected Of Us (Original) The Grammarian's Five Daughters (Original)  

And some individual authors - in the case of the authors, most of what they write is what I consider readable.

Jean Graham's Blakes's 7 Fiction Nicola Mody (Blake's 7) Shimere 277 (Blake's 7) Entropy House (Blake's 7)

Feminism and Women's Issues

I consider myself a Feminist in the same way that I consider myself a human being - it's part of what I am, and part of what defines me. I don't believe my biological sex or sociological gender and sexuality identification should be used to classify what I can and can't do. I'm not alone in this - there's a lot out on the web about feminism. "Yes, You Are" - a definition of Feminism Association for Women's Rights in Development Objectified != Idealised
Where Does the Male Gaze End? Bra Shopping as Painful as Pulling Teeth The Motherhood Manifesto "But Don't You Like To Be Objectified Sometimes?"
We Can't Be Equal While...      

Games and Fun

I play a number of different games, and I'll tend to keep playing good ones. So here's some links to sites about the games.

Dark Age of Camelot Image Heavy Javascript The Camelot Herald Image Heavy Javascript required    

It's a Giggle

These are things which made me laugh, or which appealed to my (rather cynical) sense of humour. They may, or may not, appeal to yours.

Letter from Wellington Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics The Round Tuit The top 10 System Administrator Truths
Computer Songs and Poems PMLA Alternative Source Citation Rules The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Flame Warriors
Jack Chick Tract List Warning: Department of Labelling May Contain Nuts Tabby Cat Terror for Black Bear ( The Crackpot Index
Bubblewrap Upside-Down-ternet The Complaints Choir The Dull Men's Club
Cthulhu Carols Have Yourself a Dismal Little Advent SWIL Filkbook #1 The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua
From the Book of DangerousFred Student Gems: Omnibus Edition Avon's Worst Job EVAR! Large Images Evil Genius: Helpdesk Glossary

2007 Good Deed links

These are links to sites I've provided as a response to working through the book 365 Ways to Change the World by Michael Norton (ISBN - 0-14-300451-4). They all originally appeared on my Livejournal. A lot of them are Australia-specific, since I live in this country, and the majority of the ones mentioned in the book are fairly general to the UK and US. I'll try to highlight the Australian ones.

Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand Aussie Oxfam Australia Fairtrade Coffee Campaign Aussie Elementree Australia: Beyond Carbon Flash needed Aussie Lick Global Warming Flash Needed
Climate Outreach and Information Network Campaign for Real Ale Oliver and Geoff's Homebrew and Needs Javascript BYO - Brew Magazine Some images take a while to load
The Hunger Site Amnesty International Australia - action centre Aussie Amnesty International Urgent Action Mercy Corps
America's Second Harvest      

Musical Moments

I'm fond of music. So I tend to listen to a lot of it, and I'll chase around for the occasional website for some of my favourite artists. So here's some of those. I've included festivals in here.

The Spooky Men's Chorale Australian The National Folk Festival Aussie Cloudstreet Aussie The Amazing Compadres
Auckland Folk Festival      

Practical Knowledge and How-To

Well, sometimes you do need to know how to do something. The internet knows all, the internet sees all, and I appear to have accumulated a bit of it.

Turban Wrap (headscarf) Head Scarf Tying Instructions 16th Century Style Headwrap African-Style Headtie and Wrapper
Traditional African Headwrap Interweave Crochet Patterns Celtic Knotwork: The Ultimate Tutorial How To Play "Thing"
The Rules of "Mafia" The Basic Rules of Checkers Werewolf: A Mind Game Choli Pattern

The Pinch of Salt:

While I believe in the existence of the paranormal; I also believe that we need to figure out what the normal is first. In the interests of such, I tend to follow the more sceptical line of thought wherever I can find it.

CSI Online (Committee for Sceptical Inquiry) The Sceptic's Dictionary Suburban Myths Gurubusters: Prabhir Ghosh
Australian Sceptics Aussie      

Various Commericial Properties

T-shirt Hell Lady Kayla Designs Removals Central Ikea Perth
The Wool Peddler - Recycled Silk Yarns The Wool Peddler    

Women's Underwear (particularly large size bras)

I take a large size in bras. I also don't like underwires. So over the years I've learned a lot about online shopping for bras. Here's the fruits of my meanderings.

Bodywise/Full Bloom Aussie Bravissimo Bare Necessities Figleaves
Lane Bryant Intimacy Zodee Australia Aussie

Writing, Writers and the Written

If you know me, you know I write for a hobby. So here's some of the links I've collected about the processes of writing, publishing, and all their associated disciplines.

National Novel Writing Month The Common Fantasy Tongue The Whitelist The Writer's Fight Song
Anime Lemon Cliches The Standard Deviations of Writing Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers Adult Content Namarie Sue
The Quck Character Generator The Sobering Saga of Myrtle the Manuscript Confessions of a Slush Pile Reader Preditors and Editors
Writer Beware: Literary Agents Writer Beware! Everything You've Wanted to Know About Literary Agents On the Getting of Agents
Speculations Varieties of Insanity Known to Affect Authors Absolute Write Is it me?
The Well-Tempered Plot Device Politics and the English Language The Seven Basic Plots of Literature The Devil's Mailbox
FAQ for Beginning Writers The Turkey City Lexicon    

Various Everything Else

I didn't know where else to put it. So it's here. I'll add more categories as I figure out what they should be.

CrazyMeds.Org Interview with Justin A Frank Flying Piglets
The Golden Chain of Homer (Alchemy) All About Carbon If Men Could Menstruate Research Beyond Google
Quackwatch SaveTheMales Dr Judith Reisman The Kama Sutra Animated Adult Content
The Truth About Food and Health Digital Maoism The Surrealist Average-Sized Privilege
My Profile How to make a Schadenfreude Pie My Technorati Favourites The Art3 Idea
The Censorware Project Christian Privilege Waspi Square Resources Reason in Revolt
Metal and Magic Fans (Webcomic) Webcomic Things Steve Wants Bill Bailey and Billy Bragg sing "Unisex Chipshop" Youtube
Vintage Sewing Info Understanding Evolution The Whiteboard (Webcomic) Webcomic The Conservative Nanny State
"The Gods of the Copybook Headings" (Kipling) Straight Privilege But You Don't Look Sick White Privilege
Heterosexual Privilege A Midwinter Night's Mare The Tay Bridge Disaster Non-Trans Privilege
The Spoon Theory I Remember Townsend Virtual Panel Participation Deadly Serious: The Enabling Act
An Updated Booklist for Evolutionists The More Things Change (the less Homeopathy Does) BBC America's British American Dictionary Encyclopedia Dramatica Asia Times Online Asia Pacific
New Straits Times Online ABC News Just In Aussie Common Dreams Working For Change
Public Library of Science: Biology Public Library of Science Erowid
Surreality Check Sign Writing: Writing in Sign Language The Archbishop of Glasgow's "Monition of Cursing" against the Border Reivers
Why I Hate Personal Weblogs The Peak Oil Primer

If you think I've accidentally left your link off this page, let me know. If you'd like your link removed, let me know. If you find a broken link, let me know. If you want to get your site added to this page, feel free to ask. Of course, that does depend on me being interested the site in question. If you want a more certain bet, try a search engine.

This work is copyright Meg Thornton 2003 - 2007. All rights reserved